How to attach

Depending on the particular surface and project which you are working on, we suggest attaching our rhinestones by the following methods:

Adhesives Setters Sew on

Beacon Gem-Tac & E-6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive are specifically formulated for bonding rhinestones to fabric. Cements such as G-S Hypo Cement are for use on non-porous surfaces. We also carry various adhesives with precision applicators for fine detail work. Glue guns have an easy-to-use trigger and a feed for glue sticks.

The Holiday Stud & Rhinestone Setter is a plunger style rhinestone setter which can be used with tiffany settings, sizes 4.6mm-7mm. Their use is simple—place the setting, place the stone, position the setter, and push down—voilá, the stone is set! Adaptors are sold in most craft stores that allow the setter’s use with a wide range of stone and setting sizes and shapes.

Rhinestones 9mm and up are available with two holes for sewing. They can be used as accents or buttons. The holes are large enough for a regular sewing needle or sewing machine button needle.

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