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Project idea: Convert a CD into a  commemorative picgture frame Featured project:
Convert a CD into a commemorative frame! (Click the image to enlarge)

Our sparkling rhinestones have been used by a variety of trades and individual artists:

maskpetalsThe Rainbow Room, atop New York’s Rockefeller Center, scattered our stones at each of their tables for a glittering effect to match the view and wow diners.

Costume and set designers, sign-makers, special events planners, party suppliers and club/bars have all found many uses for our stones in their radiant imaginations.

Art teachers and craft enthusiasts have added our stones, and shine, to their projects,
for both children and adults.


red diamondstar flowerAffix stones to hair pins, hats, belts, bags and shoes for extra glitter.

Attach to mirrors, boxes, journals, scrapbooks, tags, and many more crafts creations.

Use stones to color coordinate for a special occasion, holiday or event, such as birthday parties, proms, weddings, parades, festivals and team competitions.

Of course, our SAMPLER BAGS always make a brilliant gift or goody bag.

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