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Launch a Sparkling Holiday Season with RhinestoneNY

(New York, NY, Oct. 24)—This year, the ‘80s trend of glitzy looks has reemerged in the apparel, accessories and crafts markets.  The twenty-first century updated version of this ‘80s trend took on the moniker, “bling.”  Adding bling to one’s jeans, bags, and cell phones entails incorporating plenty of shine and dazzle to outfits and accessories in order to mimic a luxurious lifestyle, dripping with jewels.  Those who ascribe to the bling look desire to be noticed and to stand out in a crowd.  RhinestoneNY’s Holiday Mix Packs are the perfect manifestation of this year’s bling trend.

For the 2005 holiday season, RhinestoneNY has packaged their rhinestones in four color-coordinated mixes—Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and a special Holiday mix.  Each mix comes in a sophisticated, clear PVC pillow pack fastened with a matching bow.  The packs contain a mix of rhinestones, cabochons, and sew-on rhinestones and buttons in various shapes and sizes; settings; Beacon Gem-Tac adhesive; and instructions for use.

“This year’s throw-back to the ‘80s had designers and crafters requesting the very same rhinestones that our clients called for in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s,”  says Jack W. Shin, President of Avant & Elan, Inc., RhinestoneNY’s parent company.  “The revisiting of retro looks over the past five years has experienced an amazingly rapid return, as compared to earlier times.  The 80’s glitzy trend came back faster and sooner than we expected.  Luckily, we were able to contact our original rhinestone sources from the last two decades and convince them to manufacture the very same in order to meet this year’s style requirements.”

RhinestoneNY created their Holiday Mix Packs in order to offer the ordinary do-it-yourself consumer the opportunity to create a sparkling present for their loved ones during this holiday season.  They are also positioning the packs as gifts for the creative and crafty person in one’s life.  By packaging their rhinestones and tools together, RhinestoneNY has removed the time-consuming task of deciding which materials are needed to create the coveted bling look .  The mixes are specially priced for the holidays—$14.99 for the small size (520 pieces, 10 oz.) and $19.99 for the large size (333 pieces, 7 oz.)—allowing everyone access to these rhinestones, which possess excellent clarity, high reflectiveness and vibrant colors.  They can be applied to different fabrics and surfaces by means of adhesives, settings, or sew-on, and fit any standard setting tool or kickpress die.  The Holiday Mix Packs are ideal for holiday crafts, event decoration, clothing and accessories accents, scrapbook embellishments, signage, and for use as unique gifts.

RhinestoneNY is a division of Avant & Elan, Inc., a leading manufacturer and importer of trimmings in New York’s fashion district for more than twenty years.  Avant & Elan sources trimmings from all over the world, which allows them to offer their customers the latest trends, the highest quality and competitive pricing.  Their customers include fashion designers, costume and production designers for film, television, Broadway plays and classical arts, party/event planners, festivals, art teachers and craft enthusiasts.

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